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Selfies that only you can see

Our Privacy Promise

Secure Selfies are encrypted with Industry standard AES encryption. Selfies and Photos are encrypted  as soon as they are capture and the cryptographic keys are created and stored only on your device making it, the most secure form of securing your photos.

Secure Selfies are stored as Native photo in you iPhone where all your photos are. In photos app these selfies appears as Proxy or Blurred photo so other applications or Native AI of your iPhone cannot identify the image or the faces in them. These Selfie's are visible only in this App.

Secure Selfie is a Zero user knowledge iOS Application. Secure Selfie does not collect your Email, there is no Login to server in cloud and No user identifiable information is collected. All processing happens on your device and your photos are highly secure.


what is secure selfies?

Secure Selfies is a camera app for taking encrypted photos, photos are stored as non-face recognizable images in native iOS Photos application. The original photo is viewed after "Face ID" authentication.
There are two modes for images in the native library. Proxy and Blur. Proxy is a random Image and Blur is non-face recognizable blurred preview.
Select proxy for photos that require complete deni...

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Secure Selfies is developed by Team KB.
Email us directly at careers@secure.photos and let us know how you can help the team.
​We are based in India and have offices in Bangalore and Madurai 



Email Us : support@secure.photos | Madurai, India


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